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Scott Thiel workin at Remic Rapids, Ottawa.

Scott A Thiel, CD


Scott Thiel began his obsession with photography in the mid-90s when he bought his first SLR and started taking light more seriously. His interest in the art did take a back seat to family and the priorities of being a Soldier, but in 2008 he picked up a camera once again. That camera produced digital images and Scott learned a brand new art form, far different from the film photography that he had grown used to many years before.

Digital photography and both the technical understanding and artistic interpretation of the Photographic Arts have been Scott's primary focus for more than 10 years.  In 2011 he decided that it was to be more than a hobby and created @photothiel - scott thiel photography.

After he retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2012, Scott settled with his family in Ottawa, ON and now runs his photography business from the suburb of Riverside South.

@photothiel - scott thiel photography is a Veteran owned business and supports Veterans and their families.

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